At Lucien Proulx et Fils, we are available to answer all of your questions. Our priority is to give you all the necessary tools to assist you in the creation of your dream kitchen or bathroom.

In this FAQ section, we try to guide you and provide you with everything you need to know when choosing a new countertop. If you cannot find the answers you need in this section or if you need further assistance, please contact our customer service at 819-669-0312


What is the warranty on my countertop?

When you buy a laminate countertop at Lucien Proulx et Fils center, we provide on all of our countertops a one year installation guarantee and a factory warranty of 10 years on the product itself. (Please note that the joints are not under warranty if water infiltration)

Can I install my own countertop?

Yes you can! We will fabricate your countertop to your specifications therefore you can install it yourself. We have no minimum production costs of our countertops when you install it yourself.

What is a model plan?

A model is a plan of your future project that will be used to manufacture your countertop to your specifications.

What are our deadlines?

From the moment we take your order to the installation process, you need to allow a period of approximately 2 to 3 weeks. (This time may vary depending on current workloads)

What is the basic maintenance on my countertop?

Laminate: Wash with a damp cotton cloth and mild dish soap. To remove sticky residue or stains, scrub with a nylon brush. The use of Belanger the new multi-surface cleaner  is recommended. Use table mats to prevent possible damage.

Countertop Glass: Any cleaning solution for windows and even a mixture of vinegar and water will ensure that your counter will remain new for years to come!

Counter bamboo: bamboo countertops finished with beeswax or polymerised oil should be cleaned with mild soapy water. When water is quickly absorbed into the wood of your countertop, it’s time to apply (depending on the existing finish) another layer to treat again. Occasionally, it’s wise to disinfect your wooden countertop. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency recommends cleaning your surface with a disinfectant bleach            * Combine 5 ml (1 tsp.) of bleach with 750 ml (3 cups) water in a clearly labelled spray bottle  *

Stainless steel countertop: Always wash in the direction of the grain. Avoid bleach that might damage your stainless steel. You can use a mildly abrasive powder or a special stainless steel cleaner.

Butcher’s block: Wash with a damp cloth or a brush, hot water and mild dish soap. Treat with pure tung oil. Do not varnish and avoid vegetable oil, leaving a sticky residue.

Should I treat my counter?

Only the bamboo countertop and butcher’s block should be treated.

Bamboo Countertop: treat with beeswax or polymerised oil.

Butcher’s block: Treat with pure tung oil (china wood oil). Do not varnish.

Can I put hot pots and pans on my countertop?

No matter what type of countertop you will choose, you should never cut on this one and always avoid putting hot pots & pans on your countertops. We recommend using a table mat at all time.

Before buying / how can I decide on a new countertop

How can I determine a basic cost?

You need to consider many things in the cost of your countertop. Before you go ahead and start comparing product prices, you should be aware that many elements are to be considered in the price of your top: square footage, materials, edgings, position in your kitchen etc…

How do I know if my old cabinets can support a new countertop?

When creating the model plan of your future project, our team of experts will make sure that your cabinets are structurally strong enough to support the weight of your new countertop.

Will my countertop have a joint?

If possible, we try to avoid perceptible joints but the reality is that the majority of countertops will have a light seem. Therefore, you do have the option to choose a post formed laminate top.

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